Ultimate Party Guest List?

While home sick from work the other day I let my mind wander… I started to think of the ultimate party guest list. If money, resources and social circumstances were no barrier, who would I invite to a party? Besides my friends, of course.
Below are some of the folks who crossed my mind. Not necessarily because I am a fan, or agree with their views, but for the AWESOME factor. The AWESOME factor is that certain something… a spark if you will, that would promote good conversation, funny stories and epic er, epic-ness?

Mick Foley

Craig Ferguson


Amy Poehler

Ron Jeremy

Wil Wheaton

Katee Sackoff

Shawn Thornton

Simon Pegg

George Takei

Paul Reubens

Anthony Bourdain

Eddie Izzard

Gina Gershon

I’m sure I could add to this guest list all day, but I’ll stop now.  Who would you invite to a party?


UPDATE: Ron wants me to add Andrew Ference to the Dream Guest List. Hell, Any Bruin past and present would be welcome.


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