RIP Scott

This post has been long in the making. It’s been hard to know where to begin.

Ron’s cousin Scott passed away suddenly on June 12th. Sadly he was young, only 42 and even more sadly, this death was not entirely unexpected.

Drugs are terrible. Yes, I believe you should have the right to put whatever you want into your body, but I think it is incredibly selfish to do so to the point of destroying your life especially if in destroying your life will destroy those you leave behind. I feel awful for Scott’s family, especially for his parents and his son. They say time heals all wounds, but his parents are old enough that they may not have enough time, and really, how do you get over something like this?

Yes, you are finally at peace with whatever demons plagued you, but new demons have awoken in their place and they will haunt those you left behind.

RIP Scott.


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