40 Sucks!

I made two bouquets of lollipops for my birthday. Forty doesn’t really suck, but I can’t resist a good pun, let alone a bad one. I made one for my birthday party and one to bring in to work to share.

There is more than 40 lollipops in there as well, but it looked rather thin with only 40. It’s probably closer to 60 or so. I found the red tin bucket at iParty and a styrofoam ball at AC Moore. I used a kabob skewer through the center to hold the sign which I designed and printed mirror images of and glued together to the end of the skewer so the sign is double sided. I have included the sign graphic below if you’d like to make your own. If you click on it you should get the full sized image which you can download and  print on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock or other heavy paper.

It was a little top heavy and getting it to work safely was a little tricky. I might weigh the bottom of the bucket down with something the next time I make this.


2 thoughts on “40 Sucks!

  1. Hi I love your idea and want to copy it for my husbands 40th. He’s a firefighter so the red buckets would be great. Can i ask what size your bucket was as i want to do it as a table center piece?


    • The bucket I used is about 5 inches high and 7 inches in diameter across the top – the widest point. There’s a 6 inch styrofoam ball in the bucket to jam the lollipop sticks into. This size bucket and ball combo holds up to 60 pops depending on pop size. I bought the foam ball and bucket at a local craft store. The bucket came in red, but if you can’t find a suitable color you can always spray paint what you find. Ikea sells smaller buckets without handle in raw aluminum that could also work. It’s a little top heavy so you might want to weigh down the bucket with marbles or other decorative stones.

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