Lordy, Lordy, Finally Forty

So this is Forty. FORTY.

I must say that so far the view from this side of the calendar isn’t bad. We partied hard last night and stayed up long enough to see the sun brightening the sky as we went for a short walk to greet the new day. I’m tired, a little sore and perhaps slightly dehydrated, but overall pretty damn okay. And of course, the question that remains unanswered is “Why am I sticky?”  You had to be there.

I have awesome friends who bake me cupcakes filled with ice cream, make me a dozen roses out of bacon, buy me sparkly shoes, bring be genie like bottles of booze as well as seven bottles of Jagermeister, (SEVEN!!!) a Monty Python Black Knight doll with removable limbs, cards and gift cards galore. I hope everyone had a good time last night! We went to bed around five and got up around ten and have been lazily watching TV, surfing the net and eating leftovers on this rather relaxing Sunday. I took the week off and plan on relaxing and easing myself into this new decade.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Over two weeks in fact. We had a sudden death in the family on the 12th that I haven’t decided whether or not to write about yet. I have started and deleted several posts already on that score. It was an unexpected death, but sadly not entirely a surprise. I suspect I eventually will write about it, but for now let’s concentrate on happy things… like vacations, summer weather, and my nephew’s first birthday! Colton turned one on Thursday and we celebrated his birthday last weekend. There will be photos of birthday celebrations all around soon.

I also got a new laptop and I am in the process of getting everything off of the old one and giving it to Ron. It’s a Macbook Pro and while my relationship with it has been cordial for the most part, it has not been a love match. Here’s hoping the new PC laptop is a better fit. The Mac is six years old and Ron’s going to play with it and maybe their relationship will be a little cozier. Perhaps they’ll even make it to third base.


**6/26/12 UPDATE: Ron informs me that he doesn’t think he’ll get past the holding hands stage with the Mac. I don’t blame him one bit.


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