I had two very strange dreams this  morning. Not bad ones, just very, very strange. It’s been a while since I’ve had a dream vivid enough to remember hours later, let alone two.

The first one started off really nice. I was shopping for fabric with my mom in Waltham.  I don’t know of any fabric stores out that way, but we were there and I realized I was going to be late for work if we didn’t leave and she wasn’t ready to go yet. I then stole a dirt bike from a little kid in the parking lot and proceeded to ride it to work. I woke up mid-ride, which is probably a good thing since I am so out of shape.


The second dream involved me going to the airport to get on a flight bound for London. Whenever I dream of airports it’s always an amalgamation of every airport I’ve ever been in. Once there I realized I did not have a boarding pass and asked for help to get one. My flight was due to leave in ten minutes and there wasn’t time to run around and wait in line to get it.

I had lots of complicated paperwork with me that my sister and my aunt filled out for me since apparently the trip was a gift from them. On one of the papers I had to list three references, I’m not sure why, and my aunt had put in the name of some senator she had dated in the 1960’s. I have no idea if she ever dated a senator, but I s’pose you never know. Anyway, because I was in a hurry and had a politicians name on my forms the airport folks were doing their best to help me out. Then suddenly several very official looking people started interrogating me about how I knew this politician and that he’d never heard of me. Ron appeared out of no where and started telling me that if I had left earlier this would never have happened. Then I was herded into a windowless office told to sit down and locked in. Then I woke up.


I do often have dreams where I am trying to get somewhere and can’t get there by normal means. I usually find a way to solve the situation and then wake up mid-journey. I’m sure this means something on some very deep level, and I could spend all day writing about it trying to work it out, but now sadly, I really do have to start getting ready for work.


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