Random Blathering

I am loving the hell out of the Game of Thrones TV series on HBO. We are nearing the end of season two, which is also book two and I can’t for the life of me figure out how they are going to wrap this up in two more episodes. Guess I’ll have to wait and see!


I had a fabulous three day weekend this past weekend. I took Friday off and spent the day with my friend Carrie in Salem. We specifically went to see the Jerry Uelsmann exhibit at The Peabody Essex Museum. If you live in Massachusetts and are interested in photography I highly recommend you go see this exhibit before it’s gone. Carrie and I also did a little photo experiment, the results of which will be posted as soon as possible.


We had dinner with two dear friends, Kenny & Carol, Saturday night. We grilled steak tips and drank wine and talked the evening away. I really don’t like to cook, but now that we have the grill Ron does quite a bit of the cooking which makes it less of a task, and dare I say it, I think I might enjoy cooking for other people. K&C brought over photos from their recent trip to London and we had a slide show on the TV.



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