Technology Can Be Silly.

Our voice mail system not only records messages for us, but it transcribes the message into email and sends it to us with an audio file of the recording. This comes in handy for hearing messages left on our home phone at work. The transcription isn’t always accurate though, often with absolutely hilarious results.

The following message was left for us yesterday. In a nutshell, it’s someone letting me know that a doctor of mine has retired and the appointment I made a year ago has been cancelled and other doctors in the office are accepting new patients. Ron and I both laughed our butts off over this transcription.

 “This message is for Christina Calvin this is Claudia from both of-the-lotion-sauce(?) I’m calling to let you know that your appointment is about the villas(?) for April twenty fourth has been canceled. They(?) … to-that(?) guy man. One smart your appointment with about-the-double(?) is for April trying to fall has been canceled. If you still do not have a belt so you can call us back at the XXXXXXXXXXXX. We open for new patients. Thank you.”

Pardon me, but could you pass the both-of-the-lotion-sauce?



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