All the Kings Horses and All the King’s Men…

Drobo, I loved you. I trusted you. You wooed me with your kind words of dual back ups and redundancy. I slept well knowing my files and images were secure and thought that all I had to do in the event of catastrophe was grab you and flee. I allowed myself to relax my habits to a point where I got behind on creating DVD backups. And then you failed me. It never occurred to me the the damn device could fail.

Ah, but fail it did and while the hard drives themselves may be salvageable, and that’s a pretty big IF, they will only be readable by another Drobo device. Individual drives are expected to fail, but they were supposed to be redundant and that’s why I had so many of them in there. My husband has valiantly tried and tried to fix it, but we are down to our final chance and that is to contact Drobo’s customer service department, which does not have a sterling reputation for swiftness, and wait for their reply while trying not to freak the hell out. I’ve been holding it together pretty well so far.

So I am missing photos from late 2009 through the end of 2010. If I sent you a disk of images from this time period I would greatly appreciate it if you sent me a copy of it. I do have a lot of stuff saved to my Zenfolio account and I am slowly downloading all of it a little at a time. It feels a little bit like gathering pieces of your life and putting it back together. Then I will have to take all of those DVD’s and put them back onto hard drives so I have them in two places again. This is tiresome and tedious work and I feel like I should name this whole mess Humpty Dumpty as I try to put everything back together again.

I learned this lesson once before when I lost everything I shot in March 2007 due to a hard drive crash. Some lessons need to be learned again and again. The moral of this story is back up your shit people. BACK UP.  BACK UP. BACK UP.  I have said this to myself over and over again… I hope I remember it this time.


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