The Whole Fam-Damnly!

Just had a great long weekend visiting with family. My step-sister and her family were visiting from Texas. We got all 18 of us together for a family portrait on a soggy Saturday morning. I played go fish with our niece Shae, heard a great retelling of the Three Bear’s by our nephew T.J. and we discovered our nephew Colton likes corned beef. We got to meet our new nephew Joseph, or Jojo for short, and Vinnie instigated a game of sneaky tag that was pretty hilarious. Dylan spent a lot of time on his iPhone and being a surly teenager, but took a break to go outside and demonstrated his flipping ability on a neighbors trampoline.

Overall a great weekend – even the Bruins managed to win a game! But boy, am I ever TIRED! Below are some photos I managed to post before my computer went kerflooey.

Quick photos of Melissa & Ted’s Boys

Colton Eating a Popsicle

Kerflooey: to go awry or kaput.

This has not been a good week for machines in our house. My Drobo went kerflooey in a major way and Ron is valiantly trying to salvage what he can from it, but even if he can save it, how do we trust it again? Then his tablet had a major hiccup and he spent much time fixing that. Just when we thought these problems had hit a manageable state, my computer gets a nasty, nasty virus and it makes its presence known just as we’re about to leave the house to attend our nephew’s baptism. Excellent timing! Ron managed to quarantine the nasty, but I won’t be able to edit any photos until certain programs are re-installed. Welcome to my expensive Facebook/Blogging machine!

While Melissa & Ted were visiting from Texas they thought it was about time to get all three boys baptized. This is not as simple as it might sound. I became a godmother myself this passed summer and all I had to do was show up, hold the baby and do as I was told. Not too difficult, but every parish is different. The parish my parents belong to is a wee bit stricter and there was much back and forth over approving of the choice of godparents, and the logistics of only doing Baptisms on certain Sundays which didn’t fit into the schedule of our Texas Crew’s visit unless we did it as part of the Spanish mass. Finally the priest agreed to hold a special private Baptism just for our family. To quote my dear friend C, “Who wants to be a member of a club that’s this hard to join?”

So we get all dressed up, I grab the camera gear and off we go to the church. We arrive early, well before our scheduled 2:30 ceremony only to find the church is locked. Hmm. So we wait. And we wait. After about 15 minutes my brother Joey starts looking up the church’s phone number. My darling husband Ron points to the large banner across the front of the church welcoming people and look, there’s a phone number! Melissa is on her phone looking up the number for the rectory and no one is picking up on either line. Finally my mom walks over to the rectory and knocks on the door.

The door opens and she is beckoned inside. We wait some more. The rectory seems to have swallowed her up. Finally after another 15 minutes or so she emerges from the rectory. It seems our dear priest has a little memory problem, but he’ll be right over. We all gather by the side entrance to the church where we wait some more. We don’t actually enter the church until nearly 3:30 and we proceed to watch the priest set up and begin the oddest and most awkward religious ceremony we’ve ever seen.

But it’s done and that’s what matters. There will be tons of photos from the last three days of visiting with family as soon as my computer is healthy.


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