Hello Insomnia!

Okay, maybe not insomnia in the traditional sense, but yeah, it’s 4:32am and I’m awake.

I am awake mainly because I have a tummy ache and we went to bed wicked early and I have a feeling my body thinks it’s had enough sleep. I also drank real caffeinated soda yesterday and I don’t usually do that. I’d guess I’m what you’d call a soda addict and every once in a while I have a glass and I regret it almost every time.

We also had a fabulous party Saturday night for our friends Taki & Jess who sort of secretly got married last November and we wanted to give our friends a chance to congratulate them. We were up WAY too late which may also be throwing my body off sleep-wise. The four of us spent a lazy Sunday on the couch watching TV in our pajamas, sipping Gatorade and gorging on leftovers, which would explain the tummy ache. I’m getting to old to party like that I guess.

In other news, my letter project is humming right along. I’ll admit, I’m a few days behind but I’m not gonna sweat it. as long as I send out 24 letters before the end of the month I’m going to consider it a success. If you’d like to receive something in the mail drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll let ye know how to contact me with your address. I will also return a letter if you send me one.



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