Lordy, Lordy, Look Who’s Still 39….

Two posts in one day! WOAH…

So I’m sitting here getting all introspective and shit thinking about News Years resolutions and how they are generally crap, and then remembered something about a former co-worker of mine and what she did when she turned 70. She made a list of 70 things she wanted to do when she was 70 and she went out and did them. I think that’s a much cooler idea then resolutions.

I then start thinking about my next birthday. It’s a big one. The big 4-0 in fact. My oldest friend turns 40 first, and next week in fact, (Hi Sharon!) which is what turned this train of thought towards birthdays. I have just under six months to come up with a list and plan for my 40th birthday. I have two other dear friends turning 40 this year. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Carrie and Maria) Maybe we can all make a list together?

I have two ideas for a 40th Birthday List and they are:

1.) Get my hands on a red dress and wear the hell out of it. Maybe even just wear it all day long on my 40th birthday.

2.) Get a new tattoo. Something big on my back or upper arm.

What else should I put on the list? Any suggestions or is this just crazy talk? What would you put on your list?


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