Black Friday

It’s Black Friday and I’d like to share a disturbing story that’s been running through my head since Wednesday.

There’s this kid who comes into the library where I work. He’s about 12-13 years old…though I suck at guessing ages. Wednesday he came in and started talking to us at the desk. This particular kid will talk your ear off if you let him. He proceeded to tell us all about his families plans for black Friday shopping.

He said they are going to go to Walmart at midnight the following night and told us about wait happened last year and how he and his family had to push people out of the way to get at the products they wanted and that it was AWESOME. Pushing and shoving people was awesome? The enthusiasm and gleam in his eye as he said this was really disturbing to me. Finally the older girl he was with dragged him off to another part of the building leaving us to ponder what this boy just said.

Is this what this country has come to? Free-for-shopping where the goal is not to find a gift for someone, but to in some way win Christmas? Has the “me first” way of thinking taken over everything?

This is why I am shopping from home online.


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