The Great Kristini’s Shopping Guide of 2011!

Back in the day on another blog in another time I would compile a fun shopping guide that was helpful to some, not so much to others. Here is this years list to amuse and entertain you this Black Friday. Enjoy!

For the cheapskates:

Expandable Sketchbook – this is just cool.

Graffiti Martini Shaker

Guitar Spatula

Han Solo Soap

Like/Dislike Stamps

MySack Golf Ball Storage

Nerdy Ice Cube Trays

Ninja Coat Hooks


Octopus Cuff

Pantone Postcards

Plush Toys

Polluted Glassware

Russian Nesting Measuring Cups

Screw Key

Sewing Machine Tape Dispenser

Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

Skull Stein

Soap Skulls

Spinal Tape

Tea Sub

Tiny LED Christmas Lights

Water Bomb Factory


You like me, you really like me:

Bedside Booklight

Benderbound Book Flask Thingies – just awesome.

BookBook Laptop Case

Chewbacca Backpack

Emoticon Stamp

Geek Gloves – Not only is this a good idea, the translation into English is hilarious!

Interactive T-Shirts

Key Shaped Pocket Knife

Octopus Drawer Pulls

Piano String Bracelets

Pick Punch

Photoshop Magnet Set

Security Camera Birdhouse

Zombie Portrait


Hey Big Spender, or the sky is the limit:

Bat Mirror

Belle Helmets

Clever Wine Rack

Comic Bookshelf

Console Table

Emeco’s 111 Navy Chair – I really like these chairs… just sayin’.

Gear Ring

Gummy Bear Lights – OOH! Much cheaper version HERE!

Liquid Lamp


Skull Lamp

Skully Wallpaper – If I ever win the lottery I am totally getting Skull Wallpaper.

Unusual Jewelry

USB Locket

What did you do Ray?


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