I am sitting here in my bathrobe pondering all of the thing I need to do before my in-laws come over for Thanksgiving on Thursday. In reality there are only two things that need doing: clean the house and go food shopping. I have the remainder of this morning, tomorrow morning and Wednesday evening to accomplish this.

While on the one hand I feel like I am totally screwed and there will be no food left at the supermarket and I will run out of time and my house is a mess ’cause I’m feeling lazy, I know everything will be okay. I’ll go to the supermarket tomorrow morning, Ron will go to BJ’s tomorrow evening and between the two of us the house will get clean enough. It doesn’t need to be perfect. We’re not cooking anything elaborate or fancy and everything is going to be just fine.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

So, just what have I been doing all month when not blogging, not cleaning and accidentally letting ten pounds of chicken go bad in my fridge? Well, went thrift shopping with my two best friends, photographed and ordered our holiday cards, ran away from home with the love of my life for a weekend, had a few doctors appointments, got conjunctivitis (ick.), did a lot of laundry, made an attempt at starting a work out routine again, went to a Bruins game and attended a secret wedding.

And the month isn’t over yet! I still have Turkey Day, a friends party and an awesome musical performance to get through this weekend. Throw in a dash of editing secret wedding photos, starting holiday shopping (which I HATE with a mad, blinding passion), addressing and mailing said holiday cards. I also need to get my car fixed, get my cameras cleaned, frame and hang photos, the list goes on and on. I also have a rather large family photo project I’ve been hoping to finally get off the ground for the holidays this year… but Easter is a holiday, right? Maybe for Easter… throw in a full time job and yeah, things are a little busy around here.

So I am going to take this moment and continue to sit here in my bathrobe, take a deep breath and not think about all the stuff I ought to be doing right now. I am going to sip my tea and listen to roofers hammer away and not think about them peeking in at me through my skylights. I am going to puke up all my holiday anxieties onto this lovely screen and get them out of my head for your enjoyment(?) and so I can think clearly. I am going to relax for a few more minutes before I have to get ready for work. Tomorrow is another day.


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