It’s Wonder Woman!

Last weekend was the best weekend I’ve had in a while.  Last weekend I was Wonder Woman.

Let me begin with the middle of last week. We had to take Ron’s car in for new brakes so I had to get up early to drive him to the train station. Ungodly early in my book. But I did it, and managed to eat breakfast too. Then I did it for the next five days in a row. This is so unlike me that it warrants a possible intervention. I am not a morning person, and the thought of food first thing in the morning just turns my stomach.

But I felt pretty good for it. I was still coughing and having a hard time breathing but for the first time in weeks I felt pretty good. So I went to work, came home and proceeded to start cleaning the house. I became determined to completely clean at least the first floor. I was possessed. I was hosting a Clothing Swap on Columbus Day and I wanted to clean the sick out of the house, so to speak. Once or twice a year I get this manic urge to CLEAN and the rest of the year I could give a shit. This felt like one of those times.

I had a four day weekend ahead of me and plans for Friday and Monday. I would be going to Rockport for the day on Friday so there would be no cleaning that day. I wanted the house clean before Monday, and damn it, it got clean. And here I am a week later and it’s still in pretty good shape. Amazingly a clean house is easier to keep clean than a dirty one is to get clean. Funny how that works. It’s also funny how I have to repeatedly learn this over and over again. Go figure.

There will be photos from Friday’s adventure to Rockport and Monday’s Clothing Swap soon! Now it’s time for Wonder Woman to catch up on editing photos and balance her checkbook.


I just finished editing and uploading photos from Rockport. You can see them HERE. OH! I almost forgot, I did an engagement session with my brother and future sister-in-law last weekend as well. I’ll have those photos posted soon too.


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