On the Mend

Ron and I are finally on the mend. We are  now on antibiotics which were doing all kinds of fun things to my stomach, but that seems to settling down. Before anyone says anything, I know yogurt would help with the tummy, but I hate yogurt and I’d rather lick my shoes.

The cough is slowly subsiding, the breathing is better and my voice has returned. I’m still coughing myself awake in the night but not as much. Inactivity seems to be the bigger problem now. A weeks worth of sleeping and sitting on the couch takes its toll. We ran a few short errands yesterday and it totally flattened me. Apparently we missed one heck of a harvest festival on Sunday. On the bright side we cleared a ton of room on the DVR!

We’re going back to work today. I’m going to take it slow, but do my best to keep moving. I bet I’ll sleep well tonight. The order of business for this week is to get off my ass, reschedule canceled appointments, edit photos for clients, catch up on home accounting and clean the house. Wish me luck!


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