You know it’s going to be a bad day when…

 …you get halfway to work and realize you are wearing two different shoes.

It’s especially annoying when you are on target to being on time, perhaps even a little early, despite the heavy rain falling around you. I happened to also be close enough to home that I considered turning around and calling in late, but far enough away that it would have made me very, very late. I decided to plow on.

I did call Ron immediately to share this tidbit of hilarity with him. He’s home sick today and he offered to deliver the other shoes to me at work but I declined. He should rest, it’s really nasty out and when it comes right down to it, it’s damn funny. I think I’ll see how many people notice my mismatched feet.

The shoes have slightly different sole thicknesses so if things get too weird or my back starts too hurt I’ll run out at lunchtime and buy a cheap pair of shoes at Target or something. It might be good to keep an emergency pair under my desk anyway.

I’ll take notes on my mis-matched footwear adventures as the day progresses. Check back after lunch for more!



Well, I’ve been here 5 1/2 hours and no one has noticed yet.

I figured working with so many women someone would have said something by now. I’ve pointed it out to 6 people who would appreciate the humor of the situation and they laughed accordingly. I must say I am torn between being relieved and disappointed that no one has noticed yet. A few of the folks who I told are placing bets on who will be the first to say something to me.


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