Just Bead It!

What else have I been doing to keep the creative juices flowing? Well, I started making jewelery again. Not earrings like I used to though, this time it’s memory wire bracelets. I am making them for myself, though a lucky friend here and there may receive a pair as a gift at some point.

I make them in pairs so I can wear one on each wrist or lump two together on one hand.

People keep telling me I should sell them, but I’ve been down that road before. In order to make any money doing that I’d have to step up production bigtime which would totally suck the fun out of it and then I’d have to charge much more than I think people are willing to pay for them.

Here is my beading space. The table is actually a flat file from IKEA and the drawers are full of about 25 years worth of collecting beads. I figured it was time to start using some of these beauties and I can always pick the bracelets apart to reuse the beads later if I want to.


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