Insert Witty Title Here

The journaling geek in me says HOLY CRAP! THIS IS AWESOME!

I must have this when it becomes available. Hopefully it won’t be wicked expensive. This may just kick me in the butt to start keeping a regular journal again. I miss journaling and I haven’t had the inclination to go beyond choosing a new book. This would combine two creative outlets in one!

In other news, I had the day off last Friday and my day unexpectedly cleared up so in a fit of almost manic energy I cleaned the house. Not the whole house, but enough that I feel better about the state of things around here. The bedroom was a doozy… No one ever sees the bedroom so it’s the room that gets cleaned last. Well, last Friday I cleaned it first and sort of went from there. Went a little crazy even, but it needed to be done… got to ride these waves of energy when I can. With the weather being so lovely it was nice to open all the windows and air things out after the long, hard winter. I’m trying to enjoy the pleasant temps while they last. I’m not looking forward to the heat of Summer. We had Kenny & Carol over last night so I was glad I cleaned. It was a lovely evening and it’s high time we got more folks down here.


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