I’ve been recently pondering what to photograph next. I’m getting a little itchy for a new personal project, but I know I really need to put a few more projects to bed before I do. I only just recently finished making the daily self portrait project from three years ago into a book. In the meantime I’ll be photographing friends and family as different events pop up and any paying gigs that come up.

There’s a bunch of babies about to be born in my immediate circle of friends and family, a wedding, Mother’s Day and lots of birthdays too. I know y’all must get sick of me shoving a camera in your face but I like to photograph things and people that are important to me, and if I point a camera at you, you are important to me. I tend to take it personally when someone doesn’t want me to take their picture, but that’s just me being overly sensitive I guess.

Well, on to finishing up old business I guess until my next brilliant idea strikes me!


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