Spring Cleaning!

The weather is finally getting warmer… not Spring yet, but we’re getting there. Ron and I have had the week off from work and we’ve been busy, busy, busy getting things done around the house. We did two projects we’ve been talking about doing for a while and I completely cleaned the kitchen today.

The first project was a doozy – we bought cabinets at IKEA for our office. We’ve been talking about doing this since we bought this place over two years ago. In order to install them we had to disassemble the giant IKEA desk (it’s as double-wide!) and empty half the room. The cabinets are up, the room has been vacuumed three times and the desk is now put back together. Ron arranged all the wires under the desk so they were neat and tidy. It looks really nice in here – I can’t believe we live here!

The other project is far less grand – we installed a coat rack next to the front door. No more coats and jackets hanging off the back of kitchen chairs! Now we just have to weed the hall closet… we’ll it is supposed to rain on Friday so maybe we’ll tackle that one then.

We hung some art and Ron scrubbed the grill and removed all the charred bits that fell through to the tray below. I’ve been doing mad laundry and the kitchen is sparkling! I reorganized some cabinets and we bought new dishes as the last bunch I bought were not microwave safe. Really, who the hell makes dishes that are not microwave safe these days? Target, that’s who. Check those labels carefully people!

So far this has been a very good week off! We have done our share of relaxing too… and we’re only halfway through the week. I’m sore from all the work we’ve been doing, but we intend on riding this home improvement kick as long as it lasts – who knows when we’ll both be in the same frame of mind with this much free time to do stuff again!


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