Hair Today?

Sorry I sort of fell asleep at the wheel for the last week or so. It recently occurred to me that the three year anniversary of me cutting off all of my hair and donating it to Locks of Love came and went about 2 1/2 weeks ago. This is no big deal really, it’s just noteworthy because I have recently decided to let my hair grow back. What is it with me and my hair in February?

It’s also interesting how much of ones identity is wrapped up in ones hair. I was a long hair person for a long, long time, occasionally dipping into short. This was the first time since 7th grade I went very short. I don’t know if I’ll go super long or if I’ll get frustrated and cut it again. Only time will tell.

Anyway, I’ve hit the goofy mushroom head stage. that point where I can just barely get my hair behind my ears, but for the most part it just falls into my eyes. Until I get passed this point I’m going to look like a 14 year old boy. It’s a look that worked on a young Ed Furlong, but sadly does not work on me.


2 thoughts on “Hair Today?

  1. We want pho-tos! We want pho-tos!

    My husband just chopped his locks off, too to donate to Locks of Love, and he has identified as a long-haired person for a while so it was a weird change. I love it, though.

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