Only 27 Days Left Til Spring…

I have truly had enough of this goddamn Winter.

Well, after a rough start this morning I managed to get a little exercise and eat breakfast. Two things I haven’t really been good about lately. I find my back feels better when I move around and I find I generally feel better when I don’t weigh 170 pounds so I’ll have to work on that. And don’t give me that “You carry it well” crap. Who cares if I “carry” it well, I FEEL like shit. I haven’t touched my elliptical machine since before Halloween, but I did some weights and stretching this morning and I plan on taking a walk on my break at work this afternoon. When it’s been a while since you’ve done anything physical you have to start off slow with baby steps or you risk hurting yourself… or at least, I do.

Ron is feeling a little better today, though not 100%… not even 80%. There’s some other stuff going on there that I won’t go into, but again, baby steps. I think I need to make myself feel better first before I can help anyone else feel better.

Okay, that’s it for the pity party today… time to get my ass ready to go to work.


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