Sicko Update, with a Splash of Hockey

Well, Ron has been sleeping on and off all day and I’ve been trying to keep him hydrated. He isn’t eating much, but as long as he keeps the fluids going we’ll worry about food tomorrow. Me? Well, I’ve been feeling okay, but I’ve been feeling a tad off for a few days now. I’ve been feeling overly warm, then cold, tired then not so tired, and just generally not sleeping well. Either I have a mild version of this or I’m about to have the full blown unedited directors cut version. In porn jargon I think I have the soft-core version while Ron is “wall-to-wall”, though it could be that I am just feeling lethargic because I’ve been sitting on my ass all day and I haven’t seen any sunshine in a while, and when I have it’s been rather brief. Either way, we’ve had better days.

I went to make him some Jell-O only to discover that the collection of Jell-O we’ve amassed was all out of date with dates ranging from 2005 – 2008. Why the hell I didn’t throw it all out when we moved I have no idea. Does Jell-O go bad? The consensus online seems to be that it should be safe to eat, and it probably won’t make him feel any worse so I made it anyway. He hasn’t tried it yet and if he doesn’t, I’ll go to the store and get fresh Jell-O tomorrow, as well as Gatorade, juice, soup and other stuff.

In other news…

A few posts ago I coyly mentioned something about plans that couldn’t be talked about just then. Well, those plans were that we went to see the Bruins play against the Canadiens with my brother Joey and Christine. The tickets were Christine’s Christmas present to Joe and the surprise was that we were going with them. It was their first live  hockey game and HOLY CRAP what a game! It was very easily the best game we’ve ever seen and their is talk of it being the game of the year. I’ve included a clip below of the fight highlights.


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