The thing with nearly constant pain is that sometimes you don’t realize how bad you feel until you feel better. My back hurts, and it hurts every day. EVERY. DAY. Some days it hurts less, other days it hurts more. I seem to be stuck in a hurts more phase as of late.

I get massages when I can afford them, I’m not shy about taking pain meds when I need to, and I try to exercise as often as I can and it all seems to keep the pain in check. I find if I move more it feels better, so some of this is my own fault. I seem to be stuck in a lack of exercise routine where I don’t exercise or walk much, so I stiffen up and I hurt, which causes me to not want to exercise or walk causing me to hurt more. You see the cycle. I see the cycle. I can see it happening as it’s happening. I blame the holidays, the cold air, icy sidewalks, the winter blahs, PMS… but really it just comes down to my own lazy ass. Okay, and maybe our mattress, but it’s really old and we plan on buying a new one this year so maybe that will help.  *crosses fingers*

I’m feeling pretty good today, so here’s to a hot shower and some stretching and moving. Perhaps even get on the elliptical machine? We’ll see.


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