Get The Funk Out!

I’m feeling rather blah this morning, not to mention really, really lazy. I have too much to do this week to sit on my ass right now, but because I have too much to do I figure, I need to take a morning to sit on my ass as nothing is immediately pressing… anything I could do now might save me time later in the week, but I lack the motivation to get my butt in gear today. If I can’t shake this I fear there may be a serious funk on the horizon, which I absolutely don’t need during the holidays.

After checking my email and wasting time on Facebook I decided to go digging through old book marks for something to cheer myself up or inspire me. I forgot all about THIS SITE and maybe it’s time to take another look at it. I read the book a short while ago, but maybe over the holiday season I should read it again. There is also THIS SITE which, as intended, always makes me smile.

I suppose I should go hop in the shower and wash the funk out!


And if this doesn’t make you laugh then something is wrong with you:


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