Random Blathering

– It’s been a strange week so far. I have a new schedule at work and it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. It’s totally throwing me off. Not bad, but not good either… just off. I was on vacation last week and the days after returning to work after are always a little off anyway. Yeah, maybe that’s it. Tomorrow is Friday and this is a good thing. I am really looking forward to this week being over.

– Two people I went to school with have died recently. One I went to photo school with and one I went to high school with twenty years ago. In fact, our 20 year high school reunion is scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I wasn’t at all close to either of these people, but it still sad and it makes you stop and think. RIP Lionel and Kim… may you both be at peace.

– I made an awesome pot of chili over the weekend and we’ve been eating it all week. I didn’t have all of the ingredients so I had to improvise and it came out AWESOME. As much as I dislike cooking, sometimes I have to sit back and give myself a little pat on the back at a job well done. Om, nom, nom, nom….

– Ron is looking at a vintage hockey paraphernalia auction site as I write this and I wonder, why would these athletes part with these objects? Are they desperate or have they just accumulated so much stuff they just want to dump it all? I would think special jerseys or championship rings would get passed down in the family or put in the Hockey Hall of Fame or something.

– I haven’t got much else tonight… just these random thoughts that run through my head. Sometimes they are funny, sometime they are not.


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