Random Thoughts – Week Ending October 9th

Here are some random things that have gone through my head recently.

– When I am sick it feels like my epiglottis is dancing with my uvula.

– Whenever I wear high heeled shoes I feel like a little kid wearing mom’s shoes. I can never seem to walk right in them and I feel goofy making myself even taller than I already am. When I see a woman in heels walking normally I want to trip her.

– I am an Olympic Speed Sleeper. I can get 8 hours in 6.

–  Sometimes, the saline solution my contact lenses are stored in gets chilly and they feel cold when I put them in my eyes. I like this feeling and have even considered putting my contacts in the freezer for 10 minutes while I shower in the morning… I wonder if that would be bad for me? It makes my eyes feel more awake and open, but Ron says it can’t be good.

– You know you haven’t done laundry in a while when you can do a load of nothing but socks.


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