Calf Roping and High Fashion

So last week my friend Carrie and I were destined for the ocean somewhere north of Boston. Alas, it was not to be. Mother Nature decided to be a bitch and dump 4 inches of rain on our heads that day, so what’s a gal to do? Well, when the going gets damp, the damp go SHOPPING! We decided to hit the local second hand clothing stores. Our first stop was St. Vincent’s, or as I like to call it, La Maison de Saint Vincent. Say it with a French accent and it makes it fancy… kind of like Tar-jay.

I think the selection at St. Vincent’s is generally pretty good. If you dig you can find many good brands in really good condition and they are of course, inexpensive. They are not terribly well organized and because they don’t have a fitting room buying pants is a bit of a gamble. I’m not shy and I’ll try on skirts and tops over what I’m wearing, but to get a feel for how pants really fit you really need to strip off a layer before checking them out on your ass. I took a chance on a pair of pants and they are a bit snug… I may hang on to them though to see if they’ll fit in the Spring and if not, Clothing Swap here they come!

Our next stop was Savers. Savers is more organized, by size and by color, and they have fitting rooms.Their prices are a little higher than St. Vincent’s though, but the condition and quality of clothing is more consistent. Less of a chance for buried treasures here since they generally know what they’ve got. Savers also carries board games, which I’ll have to check out more thoroughly at some point.

Overall we both scored rather well and I don’t think either one of us spent more than fifty bucks. I found sexy boots that fit my fat calves*, which let me tell you is a minor miracle. I’ve been searching for an affordable pair of boots that fit and had even gone so far as to Google the phrase “cool boots for fat calves” which is how I discovered they make wide calf boots. I had resigned myself to paying a three digit price for a pair, but then we stumbled upon a nearly new pair that fit me like a glove for only $20! SWEET! We both found some skirts and I found two “library sweaters”.

Shopping with friends is so much more fun… especially when you are close in size… generally speaking. (my friends have boobs, I do not, and I’m taller than them.) It helps to have multiple sets of eyes working the racks, giving honest opinions on how something looks and generally keeping each other sane when we get frustrated by how small size 12 seems to have become.

*My calves aren’t really fat, they are just big, as is the rest of me (except said boobs).  It’s sad that boots to show off ones curvy legs are generally made for chicas with no curves. What’s that all about?


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