Musical Mondays!

Todays featured Musical Monday artist is Coeur de Pirate.

The singer behind Coeur de Pirate, which translates as Pirate Heart, is Béatrice Martin. SHe has a lovely voice and her piano playing is fun and energetic. She sings mainly in French, but I enjoy listening to the music and often can’t understand the lyrics of a song, even when sung in English.

It was in the video below where I first heard her:

How cute is that?

Here is one of my favorite songs by her including, and even with my pathetic French,  a pretty bad translation.

This song reminds me of the soundtrack to the movie Amelie:

I really like to end these posts with an interview witht he artist and as soon as I find one in Englich or with subtitles I’ll add it here. Enjoy!

Coeur de Pirate on Wikipedia


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