Beach or Bust?

The school year has begun and with it I revert back to my every other Friday/Saturday schedule at work. This Friday is my first Friday off and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Saturdays are not my favorite days at work, but I love having every other Friday off to do clean, make appointments or do something just for me every once in a while.

I am feeling the sirens call of the ocean and I am torn between trying to get to a beach or doing creative things around the house and catching up on things, like finishing up the long promised blog entry about my trip north (it’s coming, I promise!). There’s a 40% chance of rain on Friday which is a little dicey for going swimming, but might make for some awesome photos with dramatic clouds and water at the beach. Hmm….

But I also have a lot to do around here.  I have unfinished projects galore and even if I only did one that would be something. My favorite beach is Crane Beach which is an hour and a half away… too far to make a morning of it and come home and work on stuff. Can anyone recommend a beach on the south shore? Not as far as Cape Cod, but easily accessible to Route 495?


2 thoughts on “Beach or Bust?

  1. There isn’t anything like Cranes on the South Shore–too damned many people! Have you been to World’s End? [] Or Duxbury Beach looks like there may be “remote” spots. Seeing all the cars lined up along the shore looked so weird!


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