Musical Mondays!

I am going to try and feature a different musician on at least two Mondays, if not every Monday, each month. What better way to start the week than with something to dance to?

This Monday’s featured artist is from Iceland and he’s called Jonsi.

This is such a fun and happy song. A good way to start the day! Just try to listen to it without tapping your toes – bet you can’t!

Jonsi is the singer for the band Sigur Ros, who I will very likely be featuring here on some future Monday. He released his first solo album this past year and I have completely fallen in love with it.

My taste in music has focused on what I’d call modern Nordic in recent years. I love all kinds of music, but I seem to be drawn to the sounds of cold  European places these days… come to think of it, perhaps I always have been drawn to this kind of music?

Here’s a video for a film of him performing an acoustic version of his album. I haven’t seen this film yet, but I am dying to.

And as a bonus the photography in his videos is unbelievably beautiful. You can stream his entire album for free on his website. I love it when artists let you try before you buy.

Below is an interview with Jonsi about his new album and the making of his  live stage show.

This music makes me happy and comforts me when I’m sad – what more can a gal ask for in her “rock stars”?

Jonsi – Official Site

Sigur Ros – Official Site


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