I am a very tactile person. I find myself having to touch everything when I’m in a store and there’s a good chance I might buy something simply because it feels good. I love the feel of different textures.

I tend to only use certain pieces of silverware because of how they feel in my hand. The wrong silverware will diminish my dining experience. My husband thinks this is a little nuts.

And I don’t like crap on my hands like lotions or grease from food. It’s not quite O.C.D…. I don’t wash my hands a thousand times a day or anything, I just don’t like to feel sticky. Licking my fingers is not enough, I must wipe my hands on something to remove the sliminess from them. I don’t like the way nail polish feels on my nails either.

I don’t like to wear gloves when I’m doing things… Latex makes my hands sweat and therefore feel sticky. I recently bought protective gloves for doing gardening and household stuff, but while they protect my paws I don’t enjoy wearing them. I tend to wear fingerless gloves in the winter, unless it is very, very cold.

Does this make me neurotic? Is this normal or are there others out there who behave like this? Don’t get me wrong, I love using my other senses too, the world would lose all meaning for me if I couldn’t see or hear, and food wouldn’t taste the same without my sense of smell. For some reason I seem to be overly in touch with my sense of touch. I am sure I’m not alone.


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