Welcome to Really Strange Girl! The online presence of my more thoughtful and creative side. I hope to post here often and I’m still unpacking, so to speak, so pull up a crate and have a seat. Watch your step though… I’m still figuring this whole Word Press thing out.

The story behind Really Strange Girl

Yes, Really Strange Girl is a long blog name and it’s not terribly easy to type, but it is a name already associated with me and after much brainstorming it is what I have chosen for this blog. Because it is so difficult to type it will be referred to as RSG for the most part around here.

So back in the day I was part of the mail art website called Nervousness. They went through many changes but after a while it just wasn’t the same and I drifted away from it. I was known as RSG there and the name has kind of stuck. The new version of Nervousness can be found HERE for those of you who are interested. Mail art folks are generally very cool people and you might enjoy participating in a few LMAO’s (Land Mail Art Objects).

So, when I decided to start tinkering with Word Press I thought, I should come up with a new blog and start it from scratch. But that involves a name. The name is the thing. And coming up with a name was a big wall to me… what do I call it? This led to lots of why should I bother thoughts and much stalling.

After much brainstorming and thinking I came to the conclusion that all of the good blog names were taken. Anyone who has ever tried to think of a band name knows what I am talking about. You think of something brilliant, awesome even, and WHAM! Some faster, smarter and far more brilliant person got it before you. I even suspect these people sparkle a little. In the running were Grow Till Tall, Little Acorns Grow, and simply Little Acorns.

Grow Till Tall was perfect… it is from a song by Jonsi and really struck a chord with me. But alas, it was taken, and by another photographer no less… can’t have that now can we? (though since I last checked that one it seems to have been changed. She’s awesome though… check her out HERE.) And I just found THIS ONE which seems to belong to a soccer hooligan.

When I discovered that was taken I was reminded of the old saying “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. My husbands parents have this done in counted cross stitch hanging in their living room. I’ve always had a thing for acorns and the mythology surrounding oak trees, and Acorn is an old family name on my husbands side of the family so I thought something along those lines would be perfect. Alas, those too are taken.

So I thought about it some more when it hit me… I already have a name! Really Strange Girl! It’s been part of my online identity for a long time now thanks to Nervousness and Flickr. It’s not as poetic as Grow Till Tall, but I know it already fits. And as they say, if the foo shits, wear it!

So welcome to Really Strange Girl! Do not be fooled by imitations.


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