Sometimes I procrastinate. I have a ton of stuff to do this morning, and here I am typing away.


Most of it is stuff I want to get done so I don’t have to do it later though. I have a list of things and the deadline for most of them is Christmas.


If you are delaying something you wanted to get ahead start on are you still procrastinating? Is that even possible? Doesn’t that violate some kind of laws of physics or something?


This has been a surprisingly low stress holiday season so far. I believe planning ahead has been a big part of this. Not hosting a major event at work helps too, but that’s another story.


I write about procrastination in one way or another a lot, don’t I? I need to stop that. Tomorrow.


I’ve already blown half my morning. It’s usually at this point I say screw it and hang out online for the rest of the morning until I absolutely have to take a shower and get ready for work.


I do this all the damn time.

I still have half a morning left though, right? I should go get at least half of those things done. Or started at least. They say a job once begun is half done, right?


But… planning. Less stress. Gotta get back on track!


Let do this! Over and out! Ciao! Bye! Au revoir! Sayonara!

Random Blathering

Let’s see, what’s been going on this week? _______________________________________________________________________

I’ve lost 13 pounds! Even with Thanksgiving I still managed to lose a pound last week. I am quite happy about this. A few people at work have even asked if I’ve lost weight. Ron’s lost even more, but he’s also been at this longer than I have. I also hear it’s easier for men to lose weight since our metabolisms are different. It’s so not fair. _______________________________________________________________________

We got our Christmas tree on Sunday. Yes, we were one of those people who buy their tree early this year. We put ours outside on the deck though where we can see it but we don’t get pine needles everywhere and there’s a lower risk of setting the thing on fire. Once the season is over we pitch it over the railing and drag it around front for trash pick up. No mess, no fuss. We’ll decorate it soon and I’m sure I’ll take pictures.


It’s been a long week. Throw in the fact that the Bruins are doing a west coast road trip this week so the games all have REALLY late starts, some hormonal insomnia and a full moon and I’m pretty f-ing tired. It’s my day off and it’s 7:30 am as I type this. I’ve already been up for an hour. I am insane, but if I go back to bed now I’ll just perpetuate the late nights and I have to be up, alert and in charge at work tomorrow. Tomorrow’s a full moon Saturday and I hope I manage to get through it without having to call the police, losing my temper, having someone use the elevator as their own personal restroom, AGAIN, or bursting into tears. _______________________________________________________________________

There’s a new addition to the Photographic Family! Please join us in welcoming a lovely Canon 6D. She weighs 1 pound, 8.8. oz, 5 1/2 inches long and 20.2 megapixels. This camera is most definitely a “she” and is a welcome addition to our photographic family. I’m not usually in the habit of assigning genders to my equipment, but this baby feels different somehow and slightly feminine to me. The more I think about it I feel her predecessors are definitely male. Next thing you know I’ll be naming the damn things. I know someone who names her cars. Maybe I just need more sleep. _______________________________________________________________________

In an attempt to stay awake this morning I got up, got dressed, drove Ron to the train station and made a cup of tea.  I also stripped the sheets from the bed and tossed them in the washing machine so I can resist the temptation to crawl back into the still warm blankets. I dare not sit on the couch, which is all snugly and inviting,  and I should probably step away from the computer soon. Time to go make a second cup of tea. _______________________________________________________________________

I realize these little snippets of blathering could all be their own separate blog posts. I’m such a lazy blogger these days. I don’t know why I don’t spread these writings out. Must be my scattered brain… it’s just how it works sometimes. _______________________________________________________________________

The new camera was a spontaneous purchase. Sort of. Ever since the Victory Theatre Workshop and all the camera problems that preceded it I’ve been thinking about an upgrade. Ron did a ton of research and I settled on buying a 6D when the time was right, probably after the holidays. Well, the time was right a little early. There was such an amazing rebate offer online last weekend that with Ron’s prompting, I was able to jump on because I had already made the upgrade decision and knew what I wanted. The offer came with software, a BIG ASS PRINTER and really nice photo printer paper. If anyone is stuck for ideas as to what to get me for Christmas I now need an extra battery for the 6D and Amazon gift cards for the whopping ten printer cartridges this beast of a printer requires. B&H gift cards are very welcome as well. _______________________________________________________________________

Our holiday shopping is coming along very well and items are starting to come in. Now to wrap all this stuff up and deliver it. For the first time in years I am not feeling panicky during December. Let’s hope this holds. _______________________________________________________________________

Oh yeah… we went to a family wedding recently as well. I took a ton of photos and you can view them HERE if you like. I got really drunk, and I’m not proud of that, but apparently I was still together enough to take some fairly decent photos. I’ve also had the song Love Shack by the B52’s stuck in my head since that night. _______________________________________________________________________

Alrighty… enough blathering. If you’ve made it this far, you’re awesome. Let’s be BFF’s. If you didn’t make it this far, well, c’est la vie. Time to get off my ass, move around and get shit done.  You should quit reading this and go do something too. Go on now. Be off wit ye.

Art Journal A-Go-Go

On a recent day off I made a blank journal from scratch. I used the instructions found in these videos:

It was ridiculously simple to make and because it’s only 16 pages including flaps it should be pretty easy to fill it quickly.


Happiness is getting your fingers dirty.


I have no idea what I’m going to put in it, but that’s  half the fun. It’s not like I needed another blank book, or needed to start another project. It just looked like fun.  I’m all about the fun.

Random Blathering

Time for another episode of Random Blathering. Come for the insanity, stay for the cookies.


Ever have dreams so completely messed up that even your subconscious self gives you the side-eye and mutters “what the hell is wrong with you”? I can’t remember the dreams except I remember thinking while sleeping that they were very strange. It’s probably for the bet that I don’t remember them this morning.


My vacation is long over and while I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, I did get some projects done and some others started. Back to work I go, or rather, went. I love my job, but there are days when I just need to not be there, y’know? Sadly those days are becoming more frequent lately, but these things happen in cycles. Maybe the coming Winter is just making everyone cranky.


Every once in a while I think I ought to write a book about working in a library. I’ve been there so long I’ve got stories. STORIES I tell ye. I’d have to publish it anonymously though. Check out Librarian Problems for a laugh.


We’ve been on a health kick over here. We’ve been counting calories and joined a gym. It’s only been a few weeks so lets see how this goes. Perhaps this will be a permanent change for the better.


We have new skylights! This was one of the things that got done last week and they are lovely. They cost as much as a trip would have, sigh, but they needed to be replaced before we get any snow. Thank the gods we don’t live in Buffalo right now.


I should be editing photos, doing laundry, or doing something constructive this morning. I am up early on a day off and therefore should be productive, right? Whatever. It’s a day off. Time to relax and re-evaluate, revitalize and renew. But first let’s go see what’s going on over on Pinterest.




Halfway Done!

They say a job once begun is half done. I am halfway through this vacation and I’ve done a lot. I’ve been getting up early and that is a huge boost for my productivity. Don’t worry, I’m relaxing as well, but it feels good to get things done. But it’s a bit early to pat myself on the back just yet… I’ve still got more to do!

I’ve made a major dent in packing away Summer clothes, I made a fabulous birthday present for a two year old boy I know which I can’t post photos of until I after I give it to him, we’ve been to the gym (really!), I’ve started backing up files onto a new hard drive, I am in the process of cleaning my desk, we had new skylights installed, and we’ve been eating healthy, which is kind of amazing. Not too bad if you ask me.

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and this is one of the days of the year when a chain of local thrift stores has it’s half off everything in the store sale. Carol and I did our our yearly bargain hunt and I found a ton of stuff that I not only like, it was all in very good condition and it fit me. Carol spied a little black dress from The Limited that fit me perfectly that looked like its never been worn. At half off it was only five bucks. SCORE! Some of it was summer stuff and all of it is now all laundered and put away. We had a fabulous and healthy lunch as well.

The timer on our dryer died and my clever husband figured out the problem, ordered a part online and fixed it. I am now caught up on all my laundry, plus all the new to me stuff I bought yesterday.

Alrighty, enough writing! Off to get more done!



Day off today, on tomorrow, then off for a week. Time to get things done around the house and maybe accomplish one or two personal projects. I tend to blog more when I’m off from work. Perhaps it’s because I try really hard not to write about work in a public forum and don’t have much else to say until I have a day off? Who knows.

It’s also National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo for those in the know. It’s a spinoff of National Novel Writing Month and I have participated in the past, but I am obviously not doing it this year. It’s good because it forces you to do something each day, and daily projects really work for me. Frankly, I forgot all about it, and I’m not missing it this year. This year it’s a NaBloPoMoNoGo for me.

I always plan way to much during this sojourns off from work, but if I don’t I won’t get anything done. I am chronic list maker. If I find myself sitting in front of the computer, like right now, ahem, I can just look at the list to remind myself that I have shit to do. If I manage to accomplish anything particularly noteworthy I am sure I’ll write about it here. Even if it isn’t noteworthy, I’m sure I’ll note it anyway. Note, note, note.