First World Camera Problems

I won two bottle of wine at yesterdays bridal shower. Go me. It was a lovely, if slightly awkward event, but then, there is usually an element of awkwardness in any family gathering.

I did manage to confirm that there is something truly wrong with my camera though, which bums me out. One more thing to deal with I guess and I have absolutely no idea how much it’s going to cost to fix it. It’s the better and more expensive of my two cameras too. *sigh*

Ron did say something that’s been whirling around in my head though… he suggested that perhaps it is time for a new camera? Rather than repair it, put the money towards a new one? In order to get a comparable camera though it’s serious big bucks. We’re talking about three grand here. Yes, I like expensive toys.

Ron and I are attending a photography workshop together in less than two weeks as well and it would have been nice to have two cameras for this. Maybe I can borrow one from a friend or rent one for the weekend. Though, with Ron’s back out of commission who knows how much standing he’ll be able to handle. There is no way my camera would be back in time if I got it fixed. If I buy a new one it can be here in time for this workshop.

But who says I have to get the expensive one? There’s a very good model, and I’m talking VERY good, for about a third of the price. Add an extra $400 bucks and it comes with a lens I don’t own. Hmm… That’s still a lot of money heading into the holiday season and we need to do some work on the house. I don’t know. Maybe repair is the way to go? It’s not like I really need the expensive stuff these days. Maybe repair is the way to go?


Random Blathering – Late Night Edition

Good Evening folks. It’s 11:15pm and I am exhausted, however, I don’t quite feel like going to bed. Ron is “hitting the basement” as I type this, which means he went downstairs to exercise. I should join him, but I am exhausted, like I said. I should therefore go to bed, but I don’t wanna. It’s a conundrum. Or something.



Ron is exercising because he injured his back and has been going to physical therapy. It’s a long story, but basically he’s doing his PT stuff before bed in an effort to sleep a little more comfortably. I’m just lazy and would rather sit on my ass and type this.


Joan Rivers died, which was a bummer. May the gods bless her botox’d little heart.



Today was the first Friday I’ve worked since June. Don’t hate me.



I’ve gotten into the habit of making a weekly To Do list every Sunday night for the week ahead. I have found it helps me get things done and stops me from putting things off for too long. This weeks list was a bit of a disappointment so far and I haven’t crossed one damn thing off of it so far. Hey, we all have our off weeks and as long as I don’t beat myself up over it all will be fine. The week isn’t over yet after all.


We’ve been watching Garfunkel & Oates lately. The first two episodes or so were a little strange, but the show has definitely hit its stride and is quite funny.


Speaking of TV shows, THEY CANCELLED LONGMIRE. Quite possibly the best show on on TV outside of expensive cable and they cancelled it. FUCKERS. Here’s hoping another network picks it up. #longlivelongmire



We had a party last weekend and that was fun. I’m not sure which I was more excited about though… the party or the fact that my entire house was clean for it. I mean CLEAN. For five minutes this house was perfect and this pleased me. We shall now resume our regularly scheduled slovenly living and laziness.



We have a quiet weekend in store for us, and that’s not a bad thing. I do have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday and it just occurred to me that I should bring my camera.  My camera which I thought totally shit the bed on me the other day, but I just checked it and  *knocks wood* it seems to be okay. This is why I have two cameras. I’m not sure I’m feeling like taking pictures though, but it is a family gathering and not only is it kind of expected of me, family is used to it so I don’t really have to fight folks over having their photo taken. I do get sick of people making a face and saying “don’t take my picture” and turning away. Oddly enough, they either get mad at me because I didn’t get a “good” photo of them or they get mad at me because I didn’t take enough photos of them. Hey, you put up a fight enough times and I don’t care any more.

Wow, that one turned into a bit of a rant, eh?



Well, that’s enough blathering for tonight. Time to cruise Pinterest until my brain melts and go to bed. G’night!




Labor Day

Labor Day weekend marks the end of Summer in this neck of the woods.  School has begun and so has my morning traffic nightmare. It’s a busy time at the public library I work for since students actually come in to do homework before the enthusiasm wears off.

I love this time of year. The air is cool and there are fewer things I’m allergic to blooming. I always get this feeling of possibilities this time of year as well as the antsy “last chance before it snows”  feeling I think all New Englander’s get in the Fall. There are only so many good weather days left and only a handful are weekends.

This summer has been pretty good for me. The weather was ideal with very few 90+ degree days. I don’t handle the heat well at all. I took every Friday off all summer long and I think it was more restorative than an actual vacation. I got a lot done this summer and my house is clean. A gal could get used to working only 30 hours a week.

There are still a few more things I want to do before the cold weather sets in and the silly season is upon us. I haven’t been to the ocean yet this year.  It’s the perfect time for walks in the woods. There’s still time to sit out on the deck and just read. Christmas will be here soon enough.

Random Blathering – Midweek Edition

Today was a long and difficult day at work. I love my job, really I do, it’s just that some days are harder than others. This was a hard one. This was a day made for coming home, taking off the bra and having an adult beverage.


So Ron and I have officially been married for 18 years. Not to brag or nuthin’ but I think that’s pretty awesome. The traditional gift for an 18th anniversary is porcelain so my in-laws bought us a new toilet. For reals. We’ve been delaying a bathroom project, but now I think it’s time to get moving on it again, so to speak.


Only two more long weekends left to the summer and I have things to do on both of them.


Still working on some long projects, both personal and client related,  that are good to get done.  Almost there!


The weather has been absolutely perfect this summer. Not too many hot days. The air is just starting to have a hint of Fall to it. I love this time of year.


The plants I bought last week and actually managed to put in the ground are still alive! It’s a small miracle, but I’ll take it. I’m not much of a gardener and generally can’t keep plants alive, but I figured if I can at least get them into the ground they have a fighting chance. I saw a wee small black toad while watering them this evening.


I marinated pork chops in homemade Mojo Criollo again. They’ve been soaking since last night. This is gonna be yummy.