Hey Baby, It’s STILL Cold Outside!

This Spring is turning into Winter, Part 2, the Endless Cold. There’s another storm coming this week that could potentially slam us with snow or be merely meh, but “they” don’t know for sure. Apparently if it nudges eastward we’ll get a dusting, but if it veers westward just a smidge, WHAM!, snow city. I’m so sick of being cold and cooped up inside. I’m also sick of talking about the weather. So there, that is the end of that. No more weather talk. I *crosses fingers* promise. I’ll be bitching about allergies soon enough anyway.


So what’s new here? Well, a friend of ours got married over the weekend and we decided not to go. It’s a long story and probably best left untold, but it was for the best. Really. We wish them the best, but we truly felt it would be a good idea to sit this one out. We do not regret this decision one bit.

I am eagerly anticipating season 4 of Game of Thrones. We re-watched the first three season in about a month and now it’s time for some happier TV until season 4 starts. Game of Thrones is not a happy story. I am eagerly awaiting the Outlander TV series due to start up this summer as well. Now to convince my friends with the good subscription how awesome it is so I don’t have to wait for the DVD.


My step-sister is expecting child number five. FIVE. Love those kids, but man… I think she may be out of her mind, says the child-free me. She’s finally getting her girl though and perhaps this will be the last one. I don’t know how she does it. I know I couldn’t do it.


Work is getting better. I love my job, truly I do, it’s just sometimes, well, sometimes you need a vacation, right? Right now I could use the extended dance remix version of a vacation. I was able to take a major weight off my shoulders at work recently and while I don’t yet quite feel lighter, I feel like the coat that is my job fits a little better.

I’m still in shitty blogger mode and haven’t been updating as often as I’d like, but I’ve been Tweeting! I’ve been Pinning! I’m on Goodreads! And I’ve been taking a photo everyday with my phone and posting it HERE so that’s something, right?

So here’s to better weather, more creative doings, getting outside and exciting new TV seasons to watch. Did I mention it was cold out?


It’s only Thursday and this week has felt like an endurance test of some sort. I think it’s just that this winter is dragging on and on and on. Things are looking up though. The weekend is almost here. I can’t wait. Nothing wrecks a Friday more than realizing it’s only Thursday.


Winter Update

I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of this Winter. It’s been a rough one. The weather did warm up this last week and some of the snow has melted and I started to feel a little better, but the cold will be returning this week and with it a chance for even more snow.

We’ve had a leaky roof/skylight issue, and with all of the melting snow this week we had a wee small ice dam. We have a small stain on the bedroom ceiling and after talking to a neighbor we seem to be the lucky ones. Others in our condo association have water literally pouring into their homes. I now find myself looking at the ceilings every time I hear a noise that resembles the sound of dripping. Henceforth I will be spelling ice damn with an N at the end. The Downstairs bathroom project will likely be on hold while we deal with this mess come Spring.


So what have I been doing this Winter? Well, I obviously haven’t been writing here. I feel like I’ve sort of gone into hibernation mode. I did start a post on February 10th and got a paragraph written before giving up:

Another post from the bad blogger here. I’m a bad journaler these days as well. I’m not even sure journaler is a word. Journal writer? Diary keeper? Whatever. I did get into my art room yesterday and reinforced the bindings and hinges on that giant dictionary I acquired back in June. You know, THIS ONE. The one I should be filling up with random blatherings such as this and yet haven’t. Well, I yesterday I worked on fixing the bindings and started decorating the end papers and such. It’s a start! They say “a job once begun is half done” or something like that, so there ya go. Now to add something to it each day… but no pressure! If I pressure myself I might not do it at all. Not guilt for skipped days either.

Since writing that I have worked on the big ass dictionary journal a few times and things are starting to come along nicely. I am slowly getting my craft mojo on. I even signed up for a workshop with Sabrina Ward Harrison the weekend before my birthday. I have many project ideas for the coming months, but my goal is to complete only one. I’m sticking with the no pressure theme here.

What else is going on? Well, I had a minor health scare that landed me in the ER, but it was nothing so I won’t elaborate. Not much to tell anyway unless you want me to go into the minor humiliation of a follow-up stress test. I might write that up at some point but not today.

We’ve been getting out of the house and visiting people more. We recently spent a day with my brother Joey and his wife Christine and watched a bunch of movies. Joey makes killer nachos. Dinner with Kenny & Carol, making music with Tom, and hanging in Carrie’s craft room. Trying to get out in this crap weather and see people. When we can muster up the energy to clean the house we’ll have some folks over here.

We did have a big 75th birthday party for Ron’s parent’s a few weeks before Christmas. We completely cleaned the house and had a bunch of family and friends here. It was hectic, but it was fun. I am not fond of Christmas and don’t know what we were thinking when we decided to plan a party two weeks before then, but it was fun and we survived.

We’ve been half watching the Olympics. Ron’s cousin Andy was in Sochi officiating some of the hockey games. How cool is that? We are currently trying to re-watch the first three seasons of Game of Thrones in preparation for Season 4 in April. Now that the Olympics are over, the regular hockey season will resume so we’ll be watching that as well. GO BRUINS!


There’s a trip to Maine in the works to visit my soon to be 90 year old grandmother. This is my fathers mother and the relationship is a tad awkward, but she’s family so we’re going. My brother Bill & his family will be joining us. I’ve been doing a lot more cooking and will have new recipes to post soon. I’ve been catching up on photos and they can all be viewed HERE. I have to start getting ready for work now so this will be all for today. I WILL be blogging more in the future. Winter blahs be damned.


Apparently there’s another big snowstorm heading our way. Oh goody. Better get the bread & milk!

One of the more annoying aspects of living in New England is the panic before a storm. It’s funny how people tend to react like this has never happened before every single time. They forget how to drive in snow, they clear out the grocery stores and bitch about it all day long.

I am not looking forward to going in to work later and listening to everyone ponder aloud about whether or not we’ll close and be sent home, or if we’ll open at all tomorrow morning. I should keep a tally of phone calls we get as well asking if we are closing or not.


Don’t get me wrong, I will probably be doing my share of griping about the weather. It is the eternal safe subject after all. This is New England and we have a fine tradition of weather bitching here. If you don’t like it, wait five minutes and it will change. I’m just not in the mood for it.

Sure, I could really use a snow day. I’ve always got stuff to do around the house. But I’m not going to get my hopes up.

I love that “Thnow, thnow, thnow kid”. Yeah, this is an ad, but it’s funny. Hey, if Sullivan Tire wants to throw an oil change or six my way for posting this I would be much obliged.

Happy New Year!

I am a terrible blogger these days. I guess I just haven’t felt the urge to write anything.

Well, we survived a big-ass work event, Christmas, and had a very quiet New Years and are looking forward to warmer weather as a blizzard is barreling down on us today and tomorrow. Nothing major to report. We lead very dull and unexciting lives and that works for us.

I will not be making any New Years Resolutions this year. Nope. Not gonna. I have hit an age where I know myself and what I am truly capable of and have lowered my expectations accordingly. I might lose weight this year, I might be more creative, but it won’t be because of a so called resolution, which studies show are pretty much doomed to fail anyway, so why make them?

I might do something this year, I might not. But I’m not going to let a resolution dictate how I go about living through 2014. Aw crap… did I just make a resolution by resolving to not make a resolution? I can’t win.